iPhone protective cover

Stylish Protective Case for iPhone 4

This great case costs only $3.80 and has been seen on shop shelves for over 10 times as much!

The item comes in 3 parts which are easily put together to form one, solid and dust proof package. When put together it looks similar to the Otter Box Defender Series, just without the cumbersome and somewhat superfluous belt hook.

The case is apparently based on marine and deep sea protective technology. The outer layer ballistic level polycarbonate shell is crush proof and water proof (does not protect iPhones from water immersion). A soft inner shell liner cushions your phone.

iPhone 4/4s protective cover

The iPhone Protective Cover comes in 3 parts that fit together

The cover features an integrated latex screen cover for ultimate protection on the most vulnerable part of a smart phone.

These cases are highly recommended for phones used in rugged environments and for those who want extreme protection without extreme bulk. Ports and buttons are covered with flaps or silicone buttons.

While the case is considered waterproof it has open ports for camera lens and pop-off flaps – the cover will not protect against water immersion or soaking.

iPhone protective cover

The iPhone cover with the phone inside

To buy your phone cover now, just click here!

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