3 Packs of AA x 4 Battery Holders

AA x 4 Battery Case (3 Pack)

An intelligent way to transport your batteries


4 x AA Battery Holder Case

1 of 3 Battery Packs


This really isn’t a product I would have glanced at 5 years ago. With the amount of travelling we are now doing with a 4 year old and two year old, the thought of travelling without batteries is downright scary! I bought mine here.

So what does this case do? As well as keeping the batteries in a clean environment, it also allows you to quickly find them  in your carry-on bag on the plane/train/car.

My son’s Leapfrog takes 4 AA batteries and without that gorgeous little package of electronics we’d have to entertain him ourselves! Is that a bad thing for a parent to say?

Back to the battery cases. In this package we received 3 cases, where each can hold up to 4 AA batteries.

When changing the batteries I like to involve my 4 year old as much as possible, we take out the used batteries, put in the new ones and acknowledge that these old batteries need to be recycled and not thrown away.

3 Packs of AA x 4 Battery Holders

The 3 Packs of AA x 4 Battery Holders

You can find these, and many more useful travel accessories here.


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